WWSAC Log Submission and Results User Guide

Starting with the June 23 session of WWSAC, we will have participants submit their logs via our new log website. Users will also be able to view results in real time.

The website link is https://logs.wwsac.com/
You can also access it via our main website.

Submitting your log

If you are on the main WWSAC site, select Log Submission from the navigation bar.


If you are on the logs.wwsac website, select Submit a Log from the navigation bar.
You will be prompted to upload your log. ADIF and Cabrillo are acceptable log file types.

Once you have chosen to continue, you will be greeted with the score you are submitting and additional details you will need to provide before submitting your log.

  • Callsign: Your callsign will automatically populate this area. Please use the call sign you used during the contest.
  • Age Group: Please select your age group. Youth is 26 or younger. Youth YL is a young lady 26 or younger. OM is 27 or older. YL is a young lady 27 or older.
  • Power Level: Please select your power level. QRP 5w or less, LP 100w or less, HP 1500w or less.
  • Email: Please give an email we may contact you at. Check the box if you wish to receive this week's results article.
Once you click submit log, you're done! Check back once in awhile to see the results or check your emails for the results article.

Corrected Log

If you made a mistake and you have a corrected version of your log, simply resubmit the log like normal. We will count your latest submitted log and disregard the old incorrect one.


You may access the latest or historical results and the overall leaderboard for the year anytime. The results are in real time.

From the main WWSAC site, select Results from the navigation bar and chose either Latest Results or Leaderboards from the drop down.


From the logs.wwsac website, select Results or Leaderboards from the navigation bar.

Results and leaderboards are in identical format, showing all ops in decending order of highest score to lowest. If you wish to review historical results, go to the results page and use the drop down at the top of the results to chose the contest you wish to review (it's highlighted in yellow in the last picture).

Please note, historical data before the June 16th contest has not been migrated to the new system yet at this time. Please check back soon!

If you have any questions regarding the new log submission system, please contact us by this form.

Thanks for reading!
73 WWSAC Committee


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