WWSAC Month in Review June 2020 + June 30th Results

Every month from now on, the WWSAC committee will publish a special monthly article highlighting the entire month of WWSAC sessions, and the last contest. These articles will be emailed to anyone who has worked the contest in the past. Weekly results articles will now on be emailed to participants who worked the contest of that week. If you wish to receive the weekly results article, please subscribe directly on this blog.

WWSAC Month in Review - May/June 2020

We thank everybody who operated in WWSAC the past two months! It's been a lot of fun and we hope hear you all again in the weeks of July!

Since our first Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest session, we have been striving to set our contest apart from others. The technical goals of the contest have been reached: establish a weekly SSB contest with easy to follow rules and have log submission with real time results. We met this goal on June 16th when we put our new log submission site live on our website. With most of holes patched, we can finally focus this following month on promoting our contest all over the place. Watch out an article about our contest in the next issue of the National Contest Journal, an ARRL publication.

We are possibly planning a 2nd WWSAC time. We want to offer an earlier time to allow more European stations to participate. 01UTC is past in Europe. Offering an earlier session of WWSAC would increase the worldwide aspect of the contest. Stay tuned for future updates about this possibility.

Participation was down during the last few contests. This was totally expected since it's midsummer and a lot of different activities are going on. During the last contest, we had hardly a soul contesting, and hardly any operators on the air calling back. Field day was just 24 hours earlier, which was probably why. Good operators need good sleep. It wouldn't be great to operate under the influence of sleep. Now that field day is past and we've entered a new month, we can look forward to more participation. We have great expectations with participation in the next session due to the 13 Colonies Special Event being on the air. We hope that more social media exposure will bring in more people. We encourage everyone to invite a friend to check out our contest.

If you have not heard, we have live contest results! During the 24 hour submission period after each contest, you can see scores right as they are submitted. After the 24 hour period, you can check back and view the finalized scores. Other features with the new log submission platform include viewing historical results and viewing the overall leaderboard of all sessions combined. We will have historical results up soon. Please check out logs.wwsac.com to see it for yourself! We thank Rock WW1X for making live results possible! Please Note: Contact us if your submitted log score is incorrect. Including your log in the contact will help us out a lot. Please submit your log anyway with the site and we will adjust the score as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to tell us if anything else is wrong!

If you plan to work WWSAC next week or in the future, we recommend setting up Contest Online Scoreboard. What is it, and what does it do? Contest Online Scoreboard allows you to report your contest score automatically to a live scoreboard while you're working. Checking the scoreboard during the contest gives you an extra layer of excitement and competitive attitude when multiple people are reporting their scores during the contest. It's a lot of fun, and on a regular week you will see people reporting. All you need is a supported logging software like N1MM.

Wanted: any noteworthy experiences with WWSAC you are willing to share! If you would like to share or feature in our weekly/monthly articles any letters, photos, or videos regarding WWSAC, please reach us by our contact form or email comittee@wwsac.com. Alternatively, we try to pull comments off of 3830 scores. We encourage everybody to submit their scores and a message to 3830! You also can use 3830 for bragging.

All participants of May/June:


46 Participants, hundreds of callers. Thank you for participating!

For those who have gotten first place in a session, we will be emailing out certificates soon.

Winners of June 30th's Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest:

Michael Lippart W3MLJ Youth High Power
Connor Black W4IPC Youth Low Power
Robert Hayes KW8N OM High Power
Jeff Nyberg OM Low Power

Thanks for reading! We love writing these articles and we hope you enjoyed our new extended monthly publication! Remember, you will need to subscribe manually to get our weekly articles if you do not work the contest every week.

Enjoy Independence Day and God bless!

73 From the WWSAC Comittee - Six Teenagers Who Love Contesting


  1. From KF5KWO: I again have to say this is a great contest, allowing us to have just the one hour to work but add up the scores over the year.

    Special thanks to helping out with the “last QSO of log not showing up.”

    I seem to be contacting most of the same ops, but with my lower power that’s not a surprise. I work mostly on 40 and 20, and I’m just this weekend finally getting my magnetic loop disguised to put it outside, as it’s been in the attic for awhile.

    Very noisy lately! If we do have an earlier time, I’m excited to see what propagation will be like, especially on the upper bands.

    See you on Mondays! :-)

  2. Congrats to all of the people winning! Good contest!


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