May 19th Results

The second session of WWSAC was pure bliss! With 21 logs submitted, it was a greater turn out than we expected. The majority of the action was all up and down 40m, with a sprinkle of 20m operation around the first half along with some SO2R contesters. With storms occupying the radar in the eastern United states, there was a lot of noise across the bands, making it difficult to copy stations during the contest. Patience and perseverance prevailed, and the contest kept on. We also noted an increase in the number of Youth and YL participants over last time.  During the contest, there was plenty of action on the live scoreboard. It was a neck and neck race between three Youth HP and the top two HP stations, and it came down to the last few QSOs that made the winner clear. We can’t forget to mention there were a good amount of first time contesters on the air tonight, which made it even more special and offered more multipliers and points to all operators.

For the May 19th, 2020 session of the Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest, we congratulate these operators for achieving first place:

AA4LS Charles Hoppe 127Q's 17064pts Low Power Youth

W4IPC Connor Black 108Q's 22493pts High Power Youth
NV9L Valerie Hotzfeld 103 Q's 15192pts High Power YL
WB9HFK Mark Prather 14 Q's 1521pts Low Power OM
W2RE Ray Higgins 144 Q's 22698pts High Power OM

Other notable operators and people:

Lori (KB2HZI), wife of Ray (W2RE), got on the air during WWSAC for her first time in years! She operated remotely from RHR's W2/Summit station and finished just behind NV9L with 98 QSOs and 14,322 points. She said she had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one!

Thanks to Ray (W2RE) and Lee (WW2DX) for supporting our contest by offering youth remote access to big-gun stations through their Remote Ham Radio service. We also thank them for promoting our contest on Ray's daily live streams, as well as sponsoring plaques for upcoming awards. We can't mention RHR without also mentioning Rock (WW1X), who has engineered and programmed the beautiful RHR console as well as making the service run as smooth as oil.

Here are a handful of soapbox entries from this session:

Lot of activity for a new contest! Glad to see my wife Lori get on from W2/Summit. Kudo's to the YOUTHS for putting this together. - Ray W2RE

First contest in many years. Operated from my laptop at the kitchen table. I will be back again next week. - Lori, KB2HZI

Great participation this evening! See you next week! - Charles, AA4LS

SUPER close finish with W9GGG and W4AQL on the online scoreboard. I think W4AQL pulled ahead in the last minute with a YL QSO. Thanks for all the QSOs! Glad to hand out the extra youth points. See everyone next week! - Mason, KM4SII

This was my first time participating in the WWSAC and it was a great way to spend Monday night. The Youth and YL bonus points add a little zip to the event and encourage activity of all ages. For the second running of the contest, the participation level was fantastic. I think this not only encourages younger operators to get on the air but also newer hams who are casually operating. I got a kick out of working several new and seasoned hams in an action-packed hour. I look forward to operating more of these events in the future. - Nate, N4YDU

If you don’t have logging set up for the contest, we recommend using N1MM Logger+. We have a UDC (User Defined Contest) file available on the website. Unfortunately, there were a few issues with this file for this session. We are working on resolving the issues so that everything is working perfectly in the future. Keep an eye out on our homepage for the next UDC file revision, Version 3, coming soon! We will also post another article to inform you about the new UDC.

We also recommend setting up Contest Online Scoreboard with N1MM logger+ so you can keep track of the competition throughout the contest and compare your performance to other operators at the end of the contest. Video instructions are coming soon!
Also, please submit your scores to 3830 Scores. By using 3830, you can keep track of the scores before the results come out!

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See you in the next WWSAC!

73, WWSAC Committee