June 16th Results + BIG UPDATE to Log Submissions

The June 16th session of WWSAC was a blast compared to last week. With the bands being clearer than last time, with most ops pulling over 100 qsos. Though there was less participation, we hope to gain more participation by promoting our contest in the following weeks.

For the June 16th session of the Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest, we congratulate the following operators for achieving first place in an operating category:

Connor Black (W4IPC) 133Q's 23856pts Youth High Power
Mason Matrazzo (KM4SII) 107Q's 13588pts Youth Low Power
Robert Hayes (KW8N) 193Q's 28112pts OM High Power
Richard Rieben (KE4WLE) 46Q's 2160pts OM Low Power

Much better conditions this week. Better signals and less noise. Lots of fun! Not working enough of the Y's and YL's. - Robert KW8N
20m was way too noisy, but a good time was had on 40m. Nice to hear the young hams on the air. - Dave W3MAM
My all time best in WWSAC. Was fun chasing Mason on the live scoreboard. - Charles AA4LS
Personal best in this contest... excellent conditions this evening! Thanks to Charles, AA4LS for the stiff competition in the low power category. See everyone next week! - Mason KM4SII

We have huge changes to our log submission and results and we would like you to familiarize yourself with the website. Please check out our User Guide for the new log website. It's just like the old way to submit your log, but allows you to see the results in real time.