June 23rd Results

On June 23rd, the bands were left in QRN mode. Some storms were pushing across the midwest attributing to the QRN. Luckily, good band conditions are more of a want than a need when you're trying to have fun.

QRN also leaves us with less participants, resulting in only nine log submissions. We also noticed that primarily S&P operators and YLs don't submit any logs. We encourage everybody to share our website with our valuable information about our contest. We will also reopen log submission soon for people who could not produce an ADI or Cabrillo file.

We congratulate the following operators for achieving first place  in June 23rd's session of Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest:

Michael Lippert W3MLJ 140Q's 13430pts Youth High Power
Charles Hoppe AA4LS 87Q's 7788pts Youth Low Power
Robert Hayes KW8N 142Q's 17444pts OM High Power
Marvin Ward KI5MM 22Q's 1113pts OM Low Power

We hope to see you in the next contest on June 30th 02Z!

73 from WWSAC Committee