May 26th Results

The third session of the Worldwide Sideband Activity contest was both fun and competitive with many hams on the bands. Tough QRM with rag chewers and other contesters as well as big S7 to S9+ static crashes from thunderstorms on the East Coast made it difficult to copy people on the low bands. However, some contesters pulled their ears together and worked through the tough conditions to pull out some very good scores! Not as much SO2R contesting this week, but it seemed that people who used one radio (SO2V as well) seemed to get good results on the low bands. After the contest we found that the bands died very suddenly, a good sign of many people participating in our contest!

For the May 26th, 2020 session of the Worldwide Sideband Activity Contest, we congratulate our winners: 

Kees Oosbree(W0AAE) 69Q's 5670pts Youth HP
Connor Black(W4IPC) 80Q's 10441pts Youth LP
Nathan Moreschi(N4YDU using club call AJ3AA) 144Q's 16646pts OM HP

Marvin Ward(KI5MM) 48Q's 3627pts OM LP

Full Results

Fun night again - see you again soon. Nice to hear 20 in great shape to the west. - Nate(N4YDU)

Another fun contest, good to see I beat Charles who makes fun of my station all the time! Hope to hear you all in WPX CW - Connor(W4IPC)

Congratulations to W4IPC for the LP Youth win! Nice job Connor! He pulled ahead at the last minute. There were some storms in the area and I had S9 noise and 20-30 over static crashes. Oof! - Charles(AA4LS)

 First time for this one. Need more YYL's. Fun hour. - Marvin(KI5MM)

3830 Submissions

We released a third version of our N1MM Logger+ UDC file. If you haven’t already updated your logger to this version of the UDC, please do so for future contests. This is to insure that we can get the results done in a timely manner. We are aiming to get more consistent with tabulating and releasing the results of our contests in the quickest time possible. We hope to get results out as soon 48 hours after a session. Link to the latest UDC file

Got photos and videos of the contest? Tag your social media posts with #WWSAC to spread the word of our contest! We will actively search for your posts and we hope to share some photos in our next results article!

We hope to see you all in the next session of WWSAC, happening less than 8 hours from the release of this article! Same time every week at 01z on Tuesdays!

73 from the WWSAC Committee